varvar test drive ipa 330ml can
Varvar - Test Drive IPA
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Varvar - Test Drive IPA

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India Pale Ale

330ml Can | 5.4% ABV

Test drive is a trial, a check, one step from the usual path. Do I like this? Do I want to continue? We want this drinkable and smooth IPA to be your successful test drive and foray into the world of hoppy beers if you are not accustomed to them. But it can be a great start of an evening as well.

Part of a shipment of beer rescued from Varvar Brewery in Kyiv who had to close down at the start of the Russian invasion. Desperate for funds, all the beer in the warehouse was imported to the UK, raising much-needed funds for food, medicine, to pay taxes and wages, and to support the country as a whole.

Please tag @drinkersforukraine and use the #cheers4ukraine and #drinkersforukraine hashtags when posting this beer to social media.